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I'm Baaa'aack!

This past week I took a little road trip with my friend. Our destination was Asheville, NC. I am now smitten with this town! I love a road trip and this was no exception.

Thanks for the shortcut Mapquest! :) Our rural detour ended up fine, we laughed about it and drove slow enough down the country roads to spit our cherry pits in the fields, thinking we might be planting michigan cherry trees all along the way!
The view across the street from our friend's house.
And another.
A drive through the smokies, the day after the 4th of July! (Never again!)
Our reason for going: The marriage of my childhood friend Marcus, to the wonderfully adorable (and also crafty) Dawn.


cutfingerproductions said...

So you are alive....geez....:):)
Glad you were off doing something fun! There is so much to see out there!!!!!! Beautiful sights and Michigan cherries too? I can eat a whole bag in one night lov'em!!
the newly weds look lovely!!!
Glad you are back and safe!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lovely trip; beautiful country side (luscious and green) and the couple look lovely. Wishing them all the best.

PS: sorry its been a while since I visited your blog.

Unknown said...

hey erica! i love your got my mind whirling now about what i can do, eventually. thanks for leaving us a was our first :). and i loved reading about your trip (and the misguided directions) in your blog. it's awesome to see pics of our road and us up there too...that's the first real "head-on" picture we've seen from the wedding. it was aweseom to meet you and i hope it's not too long before our paths cross again...i've already asked marcus about a roadtrip to kalamazoo soon... take care, dawn