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ticking tote.

This was just another grocery tote until i put a cute little pocket on it one afternoon. I typically use this bag as another shopping bag. I crumple it up and stuff it inside my purse and nix the plastic ones that stores offer. I know, i know, the photo quality is lacking. I am trying here! I tried to take a nap before I had to get ready for work, but that didn't happen. Now I fear that I will be a zombie at work tonight. I haven't been sleeping well lately, I am thinking way too much. I've tried reading, a shot of whiskey, watching infomercials, meditation, oh how it pains me! Maybe I will get some good sleep tonight. Happy Friday everyone!


cutfingerproductions said...

Cute! I love ticking! Very old school and timeless all the same! The pocket makes it personal and original. Love it!
Jon is really having trouble sleeping too...I think stress, worry and stress..HA!
I hope you are not worrying too much over there..just lay down and close your eyes at least. It actually does help some.
I'll be thinking of you 2 nite and I'll say a little prayer for you too!

Joanne Huffman said...

Saving the environment with art! Hope you get some sleep soon.