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raincloud mobile.

This raincloud matches the forecast for my little corner of Michigan for the next four days. Aww bummer, no beach, no pool, no fun! I made this for my niece a while back and gifted it to her well before I got a photo of it. I have wanted to make another one (I can never make just one of anything) since there were some things that I don't care for about this one. I sewed polka dot ribbon to affix each raindrop together and to the raincloud and aesthetically, it doesn't thrill me. I need to think of a way to do this a little more discreetly. I tried sewing the fishing line straight through the tips of the raindrops but that looked messy and took a toll on the fabric. Hmmmm, Any suggestions? Anyway, this picture is taken in the nursery at my sister's house. In the background you can see a mural that was painted when my oldest niece was just one year old. The masterpiece that I could look at all day long was painted by my brother in law's brother(is there another name for that association?), Brian. He is very talented and you should check out his work if you get the chance. On his site he has a better photo of the mural. I love the flying ships in the painting, so magical! Have a great Thursday! ~e


Melissa Price said...

Love the mobile! What a neat idea. I like the dotty ribbon, too. I found your blog through the Big List of Sewing Blogs. Great site you have here!

cutfingerproductions said...

Sorry I keep commenting on everything....I just Love this mobile!! I love the rain drops.
Have you tried quilting thread in a soft grey? ( mettler silk finish 100% cotton 105 ,0813 NO.50) :)just an idea.
I use it with any color it is so versatile it always blends nicely.Or are u really wanting it to be invisible? I think a grey would suit the colors and be soothing and look very rain like.
Almost invisible.
Ideas. see you!

erica said...

Laura, don't apologize for commenting on everything! I love that you do, I look forward to seeing what other people think and especially when the comments come with sage advice. Thanks, I might try the quilting thread, i have some. I will check it out, thanks for the prayers. :) It is the uncertainty of the near future that is worrying me; I know that i will be just fine. You know how we girls are sometimes. Thanks for being a friend!