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SUCH Design's 'Paint' + Fabric Giveaway

 Once again,  I was lucky enough to play with some pre-release fabric and oh my dear, I adore it! This here is SUCH Design's  second collection for Windham Fabrics, "PAINT". Thoughtfully and playfully designed, Carrie Bloomston has done it again. The texture of her painted solids are rich and dreamy, the text prints are tasteful and inspiring. I got mad love for this collection.  

I adapted  a pattern called 'Sorbet Mini Quilt' by Katie Clark Blakesley from the book Vintage Quilt Revival to make this quilt.  I was really happy with the results, lots of pop, just enough neutral. Win-win. I did some heavy-duty, double grid quilting on this little guy, mainly because I didn't want to be finished with it.

If you'd like to play with some of this fabric yourself, leave a comment on this post to enter to win a charm pack of 'PAINT.' I will choose a winner  Friday morning, April 18th.
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The PAINT giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!
Congratulations, Jenny


isosceles quilts.

A few quilts.

 Isosceles triangle quilts.

They are happy, 

pleasing to my eye, 

simply sophisticated, 

 yet playfully sweet.

I could make one in every color of the rainbow...

'Cause that's how much I like 'em. 

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Go make something! 



a coral and mint isosceles quilt.

This here's a custom baby quilt I finished back in May but am just now getting around to sharing. I often get requests for custom quilts and a lot of times I just can't accommodate them. I couldn't say no to this color combo, despite  how busy I've been lately. This quilt  was made for Tara Marshall, an interior designer in Canada looking for something special for her own baby's nursery. I just loooooove this quilt. 

I asked Tara where her inspiration came from and she said this:  "I really wanted to give my baby something special and I love the appeal of handmade quilt, but in a more modern pattern." Tara said that she had seen a similar quilt elsewhere and I'll be darned if I didn't find a tutorial when searching for similar quilts while drafting this blog post: Check out See Katie Sew's Tutorial! Yay! I must say, I wish I had seen this tutorial long ago, It is extremely well written and a great pattern for intermediate sewers. Thanks for sharing Katie!  I  especially love the dramatic punch of black in this pattern.  I've been adoring all things peachy and coral for the past 6 months or so, and expect a few more quilts with these colors to emerge soon. Tara added a soft minty color to this palette, a lovely addition. She also sent me a vector image of her ideal layout and after looking at it from every angle, I decided it was perfectly imperfect and cut the fabric. I only had to do the math to figure out appropriate scale and sizing... it was kind of like 'quilt by number'. 

This is the example of what Tara sent me to work with

If you want to make your own, check out  
See Katie Sew, she has an awesome tutorial.

 I eagerly await photos of the finished nursery...I've seen glimpses and it's charming and sophisticated! Oh, to be the baby of a designer...

Tara Marshall can be found at McKinley Burkart, an award-winning architectural and interior design firm located in  Calgary, Alberta Canada. She also tweets a bit on twitter at tara_marshall@marshall_tara

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vintage metal cabinet rescue : show and tell.

I live in a small apartment and continually struggle with organization of sewing and craft supplies...creative nature? Possibly. Craft supply hoarder? Most definitely.  Anyway, when you find yourself in my predicament, closed system storage is the way to go. So, I found an old metal storage cabinet on the cheap-cheap and knew I could put it to good use. I used to have one very similar and in a fit of crazy, I "gave" it away, along with many other things during a change of residence. I have regretted letting it go many times but was stoked to have re-found this little treasure.

The cabinet was in need of some TLC, but the most I was willing to manage was putting a bandage of sorts over the nastiness of the shelves. I removed the old shelf-liner and cleaned each shelf as best I could, but not wanting to spend tons of time on this with paint, sanding and scraping: I opted for a band-aid. I used Con-Tact paper in a wood-grain pattern to cover over the rusted and scuffed metal hidden under the decades-old shelf-liner that was in the cabinet when I bought it. 

I measured the dimensions of each shelf and cut the contact paper to size, using my cutting mat and rotary cutter (gasp) that I use for my sewing and quilting projects. I added a couple of inches at the front so that it would wrap around the lip of each shelf (notice the notch in the corners). 

I peeled the backing from the Con-Tact paper, beginning in the left corner and then started smoothing it down (pictured above is how it looks when you get to the far right). I worked left to right until it was all stuck down. 

I had a wee-bit of an issue getting the Con-Tact paper to adhere properly to some areas of the shelves, likely a result of the condition of the paint surface I was trying to stick it to. I remedied that situation with my trusty Mod Podge, applying it directly to the shelf and front lip of the shelf then smoothing the paper over it with my fingers for a nice finish. Worked like a freaking charm. I'm so glad I spent the hour or so making this cabinet functional for my purposes. 
I think it looks great and it's hiding a multitude of craft hoard sins (said sins not necessarily pictured in this post).

You may notice on the second shelf from the bottom where I hadn't used the Mod-Podge to secure the shelf-paper under the lip. It made a big difference in this little project. I'm thrilled with how this turned cost just dollars to do, very little mess and totally made the inside of this cabinet useable. Score. 

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st. george's cross quilt.

A stunningly clean, 

modern, baby quilt with traditional appeal.

The parents of the lucky baby have exceptional taste and
were a joy to work with.

I enjoyed every single moment of putting this quilt together. 


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