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Story Collection and Giveaway!!

{photo courtesy Jill McNamara)

Hello fine people, thanks for coming to my little corner of the internet. Today I am celebrating Carrie Bloomston and S T O R Y,  her latest (and greatest) fabric collection for Windam Fabrics. This is my third time sewing with love for Carrie to introduce her fabric collections and I'm super excited to share it with you! This is my story in pictures. 

 {photo courtesy Jill McNamara)

The colors of this line are out of this world. Cosmic. 

And the text prints? So, so good. 

Photo Copyright Jill McNamara
{photo courtesy Jill McNamara)

For more photos, You can check out the Look Book Here

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Check out all of the other amazing projects made with  S T O R Y 

Quilt Pattern Credit
I used the  Glam Clam pattern by the talented Latifah Saafir which can be found on Craftsy as a free download. Having only done a few curved piecing projects in the past, I would say this is the perfect pattern for those ready to get their feet wet with curves. 


Becky said...

Wow this quilt is really something! I have made a few small projects with fabrics from this line. I made some purses for my nieces and then a scrappy pillow block for myself from the leftovers. Your quilts are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Wow it's so nice and good to ead this thank for sharing such a good things sewing guide

Eston said...

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Sheila said...

This pattern is no longer FREE on Crafts. It's a whopping $12 and that doesn't include the templates!

Anonymous said...

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