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Art Techniques for Quilt Design: Giveaway!!

A few months ago, my friend Carrie Bloomston of SUCH Designs created a DVD for Interweave Press. I am super thrilled  for the opportunity to help her promote this little gem of a video! You know Carrie, she makes stunning, graphic quilting textiles for Windham Fabrics, you've seen the lines here for Collage and PAINT.  She's so full of goodness, that creativity enabler, you'll not regret getting your hands on this DVD!

There are so many things I adore about this video.  Carrie's casual approach to making art: Don't over think it, just do what feels natural. Well, that is my philosophy. I have been "one girl making perfectly, imperfect things" since 2007. It's not just a motto, its a way of life. I don't do slapdash, but I think a lot of us could really benefit from straying away from the patterns and just letting loose with form and color. I get many emails asking, is there a pattern for that? What size did you use? What are the names of the colors?  Sure that's all well and good, and I try to oblige when possible,  but to stray away from a cookie-cutter recipe? That's where the magic happens. It is where we truly grow as artists and makers. In the video, Carrie gives you the basic skills and language to approach creating from a different perspective.

Carrie is a trained artist and her work speaks for itself. If you're ready to try a new approach for quilt making, this is your video. I was hardly through watching the video before I was toting my laptop into the studio to start ripping fabric to make the Nest Quilt that Carrie was demonstrating. Now, I fancy myself a crafter, but seriously, I didn't have single glue stick that wasn't dried up and crusty. I improvised using tiny squares of heat n' bond.  So, you might want to get your hands on one before you make plans for this quilt. Just sayin'. I especially love that when you're not laboring for perfection, the process is enjoyable and freeing.  After playing with fabric an hour or so, I had a quilt top!

To win a copy of the DVD for yourself, head over to Suchity Such and leave a comment! Giveaway closes on October 4. Tell Carrie I sent you! If you don't like the odds, pop over to Interweave store and purchase one for yourself, it's available in DVD format or streamable content, accessible whenever and wherever you are.


Unknown said...

Erica!!! Oh my gosh I just love this and YOU so much! I can't believe your nest! I love the palette and the quilting and EVERYTHING about it...especially that you improvised with tiny squares of heat and bond. Ha! You are so wonderful, my crafty super hero...such an honor to feel supported by one of my earliest inspirations...."one girl making perfectly imperfect stuff." SO awesome. xoxo, cb

einfach bunt said...

Such a pretty nest quilt!
I love your quilting!
I am stuck with mine ...
maybe I should just go and live with a bit of imperfection :-)
Thanks for the kick!

Devoted To Color said...

Wow--you made a whole quilt? I am so impressed! I LOVE the soft color palette--yummy!

Joanne Huffman said...

I absolutely love your nest quilt.

Connie said...

Hi, I just found you on Pinerest. I love your rubber stamp label tutorial . . . very cool. The quilt below with the black and white polka dots mixed with the aqua is beautiful. I am so happy that I found your blog and now I am your newest follower. i am new to quilting. I've been doing it for about a year now and loving it. We just purchased a 1905 bungalow fixer-upper last Spring, so my blog is about turning it into a home as well as quilting, sewing and crafting projects.
Please come visit.
Your newest blogging sister,
Connie :)

avelazquez said...


How could I buy one of your quilts?


David Smith said...

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