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Farmer's Wife 1930s QAL

  Block {55} Malvina

I have to admit, I've been lousy with keeping up with my blocks for the Farmer's Wife 1930s  quilt along. Although, I'm not certain why (aside from being distracted with other demands). The patterns for these blocks are flawless and total dreamboats to work with! The seams match up so nicely. I love that, especially since I don't generally follow the rules when it comes to quilt patterns.

I will also admit that I overestimated the contrast between these two fabrics that I used. Not to publicly shame myself, but I  thought the blue would seem much more pronounced as it does before chopped into 2 inch squares. So, to get the full effect I was going for, go ahead and blur your eyes. Yes, that's more like it…that's what i was going for. 

I realized the colors weren't right after sewing 3 triangles together using the foundation paper pieced method. By the time my brain registered what was happening with the contrast, it was too late. This is vintage fabric folks, precious little bits. I will absolutely use this block in the quilt and remaking the block is not likely to happen. Perhaps it will grow on me, but I'm a little sour about the imbalance here.  I plan to continue with my original quilt plan to use vintage fabrics with the exception of solids, in various shades of red, white and blue which I think will finish nicely. 

My tip for this block: 
-Truly visualize how your fabrics will play with one another before you cut. Keeping in mind size of fabric design and color (both blurry eye viewing and normal viewing).

-If it helps, tape out the shape on your ruler and place over your fabric to see what color is most pronounced. 

Thanks for hosting, Kerry!


verykerryberry said...

Good tips Erica, I like how they play together too, there's energy in those patterns!

JOY @ said...

Sometimes taking a picture with my camera or phone gives me a different & better perspective. I don't why. Glad you shared your frustration for us to ponder. We learn from posts like this.

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