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a little indulgence.

I was just in Chicago last weekend and I stopped in the cutest little fabric shop, the Needle Shop. A super inspiring, creative space. I picked up these new bits for my stash, a couple of them are already slated for a project that I have in mind and the rest will be put to good use I am sure. They were all on sale, which makes purchasing designer fabric a little more tempting. I petted these little pretties the whole way home.
On the crafty front, I started a new quilt last week and am machine quilting it and i am trying to get the hang of my walking foot. I have to say, all that bouncing is a little distracting and i can't seem to keep my lines very straight. Hmmmm...practice and patience..... see you all soon!


alittlebitofscrap said...

The next time I fly into Chicago, I'll remember that. Adorable fabric you brought home!

Lifeasahoosier said...

I'll have to check out that shop next time I go there!

Joanne Huffman said...

hmmm...a new place to visit when I next go to Chicago. Very nice fabrics.


Cheryl said...

Nice! Love that orange and white print, as well as the little motorbike :)

Chicago is one of my favorite cities.

Anonymous said...

I recognize the Joel Dewberry. The others are just too cute!

cutfingerproductions said...

Hey there!!! So nice your blogging soo much! It's really great stuff your working out!!!
The Walking foot is my favorite foot. I actually use it for all my sewing. Things stay put. No bunching with the thick fabrics or the regular thin cotton. I find I have to make my stitches a bit tighter.(3 1/4) Oh yes.. the jumping around...(don't even try the free motion quilting will drive you bonkers!!!)
Start a bit slower for a bit and pretty soon you will get a rhythm... And then you can run like the wind with it....or something;)HA!!
Did I say too much:)
Fun to share!!!

Lee V said...

I really enjoyed your blog post