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garbage bag dispenser.

I couldn't sleep last night, so I searched the internet for quick sewing tutorials (everything i do is quick), I came upon this one. I got it from Dioramarama and I am really quite pleased with the results. I typically use my own grocery totes when i shop, but some how these pesky little guys make their way into the house. I suppose it's not all bad considering I reuse them again and again. I am aware that this is not the most attractive project but rather, very utilitarian. I did come across an adorable tutorial which if I finish, i will share soon. Off to a meeting, goodnight folks!

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cutfingerproductions said...

HI!!! Yay!! A post! I love your (everything I do is quick) still smilin from it...It is something I know u for!
I love the reproduction style prints on the bottom of this. Blue and browns. Nice. Never gets old. I do use these bags and I know I should be ashamed yet some how I'm not... hey!.. their handy seriously...I need one of these to keep them in check!HHHmmmmm....
Looking forward to anything else you got cookin Got my eye on you!:) laura