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buttons and cameras.

I got these buttons at an antique store a while back. I was thumbing through my vintage button collection and realized that i didn't have nearly enough (really, I have jars and jars full of these puppies) pink and aqua buttons. I took care of that. Maybe one day I will be bold enough to teach myself how to use the buttonhole setting on the sewing machine! Maybe sooner than later. I saw a pattern for some fabric napkin rings that I really want to try out but I wasn't sure that it would look so good with snaps. Oh and the navy buttons I just couldn't resist, they are chunky and have a cute pattern, into my basket they went.
About the camera fund...I truly believe that I own the crappiest camera known to man. It has an autofocus mechanism that as you can tell doesn't work. I am sick of apologizing for the photographs of my crafts and I would like some decent images for my own archives. I've had enough! Today I am putting $20 in my piggy bank and in a couple of months I will probably be apologizing for photos of morning dew on leaves or worse, rose petals.


Joanne Huffman said...

cool buttons. Good luck with the camera fund. Test out the close ups before you buy :D


cutfingerproductions said...

Oh I am so sorry! I totally understand with the camera please DON'T be discouraged!!!I promise! you will figure it out.In the beginning oh who am I kidding...even NOW I want to throw my camera and smash it to bits!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem.....deep breath...
Anyway my point is I still think your work is lovely and interesting And I will wait for you to figure out your camera, you will:).... keep posting!!! your friend Laura