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making messes :: making things

Recently, a friend told me that they didn't think that I liked making things, instead I just like making messes. Untrue. In the process of making things, just so happens I make messes, BIG messes. My sewing room has spilled out into the dining room to make the best of the sunlight, and the projects in my dining room make their way to the living room for hand finishing. Next, they will be out in the front yard!
To my credit, don't most creative people have messy tendencies?
All kidding aside, I have been busy making things, although my sewing machine is in dire need of a good servicing. I don't dare do anymore top-stitching until the timing on my machine is corrected. 'til then......
...Happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

Ha, you are so right. I hate the mess after the project is finished. Especially felt scraps. Those things are around forever. You have some great quilts! Thanks!

cutfingerproductions said...

I am the queen of mess! Good I am not alone:) I never show photos as you guys would gasp!!!!!
Hey that's how I role!! Something going all the time!!
Your doing great!!! No worries I'm not keeping track!:)

ma zawi said...


Joanne Huffman said...

My studio area has erupted into the whole house - it looks like a slow moving lava flow. I'm pretending it's part of the creative process.


Kimmi said...

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