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yep. another pencil case.

This is yet another "Picasso Pencil Case" from the book The New Handmade. The pattern calls for a 9" zipper and I didn't have one on hand so I shortened the pattern to accommodate a 7"zipper and it worked splendidly. I also used a quilted panel instead of using interfacing which has a sturdy structure without the crunch interfacing can sometimes give a project. I like how bright this one turned out.

If you read my last post you know that my 2 year old niece was bitten in the face by the family dog. I just wanted to update you that she is recovering quite well. Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot. Dog bites can be especially scary and this was no exception. The ER doctor did a great job with the stitches and she will hopefully get them out on Friday or Saturday. Yea! As for the dog, my family is coming to the realization that he is not safe to have around small children (No kidding, right?). The dog's well being is certainly on the forefront of the family decision making these days. We don't want this to happen again and being proactive is our best solution.

As for the weather today, it is cloudy and raining. I have kept myself busy working on a not so little something for my nephew's birthday on Friday. I just started yesterday, so I hope to have it finished in time for the celebration. In which case, I will share photos(weather permitting) of this mysterious project.
'til then,
happy sewing!


One Flew Over said...

I am still yet to confront my fear of zippers! This looks like a good project to start.

erica said...

you should give it a go! Use up your scraps and a mismatched zipper, nothing to lose!

Terriaw said...

What a sweet pencil case! I love the way you changed the shape of this one to fit the zipper size. Great quilting too!

Joanne Huffman said...

glad to hear your niece is doing well. Your pencil case is adorable.,


Rebekah said...

cute case! I'm glad to hear that your niece is doing better

randi said...

Cute case! Zippers scare me, but I intend to try on soon. Everyone says they are simple, so i am sure that I could do it! :)

Jean @ Quilted Cupcake said...

Great job. BTW, I love your blog header statement - well said!

Black Eyed Susie said...

Love the fabrics and the idea to quil.t the pencil case. It's great.

I hope your gorgeous niece is recovering well.

Thanks for the congrats!