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patchwork blanket.

I finished the patchwork blanket! I ended up tying the layers together rather than quilting, so i don't think that i can technically call it a quilt. Or can I? Anyway it is finished and i love, love, love the way that it turned out. The inspiration was the little turtle flannel on the backside, oh so cozy and warm. The finished size is 40x40, perfect for an itty bitty baby. I am tempted to make a quilt for myself with a flannel backing to keep toasty this winter.


Starky86 said...

This is freaking sweet! Green is the color!

Joanne Huffman said...

This is lovely; you should definitely make yourself a soft and comfy quilt for this winter.


Anonymous said...

It certainly looks pretty. I love the various green patterns you've chosen.

Amanda said...

It definitely counts! Looks great :)