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nope no craftiness yet...

yep, its been a while and i am itching to unpack and refold all my fabric. I am just finally settling into the rest of my new living space but i haven't been home nearly enough to get the studio rolling. I took my older niece and nephew blueberry picking last week, that was fun. Mo and i stayed side by side, she kept reminding me of the intensity of the sun and the annoyance of bugs, i reassured her that this was what life was really all about. About a half hour into our blueberry picking adventure I asked Jack how many berries he had picked... there was nary a berry in that bucket! Little swindler ate 'em all. I had to explain to him that they charge on the weight of the buckets and not the kids. Too bad for the farmers, huh? Well, I hope to get some crafting done soon. I am hoping my next project will be cushions for my couch... we'll see. Take care!

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Kate said...

I hope you get some sewing time soon!