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patchy pillow.

Blogger and I are back to being friends. After a few late night scuffles and some naughty words we were able to settle our differences, sleep on it, and begin anew. (Obviously, technology is not my thing!) We have Laura to thank for our mediation, sometimes when things get rough, we need the advice of a third party to settle our disputes! :)

So, the pillow was made the other night, start to finish, during the 11:00 pm airing of Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer on Sirius satellite radio. Gosh, I love those girls. It cracks me up, Anyone ever listen? If you are slightly cynical, or appreciate those who are (comically speaking), you might really enjoy their program. 11-1 am is my favorite time to sew, I sit in my studio listen to the Sirius radio and pretend that the world does not exist beyond my studio doors. Ohhh, it is so nice.


cutfingerproductions said...

Hi! Oh good to see you figured things out!YAY! Your probably sick of my comments...:) but I like you!
Your work here is so neat and tidy.
I do love log cabin style. Very nice!
I rarely listen to the radio...but I do love cynical and's bad I know! We don't have Sirius satellite radio ...dang! Maybe On line? Thanks for blogging!!!!
see you!laura

erica said...

Laura, I your never tire of your comments. I look forward to them. What are you sick of mine? Hmmm? are ya? Too bad 'cause i like you too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thanks for checkin' in on me. :) e