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pouches and tags.

My massage was awesome, the laundry is done and so are these pouches. The blanket stitching is all done by hand. I added my tags and I like 'em a lot. The rain was a welcome guest this afternoon. I didn't laze about the house I was actually somewhat productive. My friend Josh is here and he wants help making grocery bags. Oooh fun! talk to you later.


cutfingerproductions said...

Beautiful! Your pic looks so nice too!! I love sewing with guys! I always learn something...yeah... that I'm better!!! haha Just Kiddin!!! That's cool friends to talk sewing! I'd love to see what u 2 make!
I have some projects maybe I will put up today....things are due so those first ,then fun!! C U later friend!!!;)

cutfingerproductions said...

OH Yeah! Tags are so fun ,makin you feel all official......:)Sharp and Shnazzy!!!