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making up for lost time.

I find the whole pincushion making process to be quite enjoyable. The cutting, the piecing, the stuffing and adding the button all are all good to me. You might be thinkng that I've lost my mind, (which is true) but if you know me you know that I like to keep my hands busy at all times! Today I turned the air conditioner on. It is a humid 88 degrees out and I am looking a bit like a wet noodle. Last night I enjoyed some live music at the local brewery. The beer gardens are officially open! Lot's going on this summer. If I can get myself together and brave the heat, I will be walking a little further downtown to the art fair that starts today in the park. I love my town.


cutfingerproductions said...

Love these! I have never made any but you make me want too!!!!:) NIce

Anonymous said...

Those are really cute! I've never seen them pieced like that. Very nice.