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bringing back the sunday stash.

My latest Japanese acquisitions, purchased while I was on the road last week. I got them here in person. The shop couldn't be cuter and neither could the owners. There is some serious cute going on at the CraftyPlanet! I relish sparkly, bright fabric shops that are inspiring and hip. But living in Michigan means there aren't too many (if any) shops that carry what I like (as far as prints go)! I have never seen any shops that carry any of the Kokka lines of fabric in my corner of Michigan.

All of this means most of my fabrics must be ordered online and then sent to my parent's house because I live on a busy street. Then I get a call telling me there is a package waiting. The problem is that most of you can probably keep your fabric addictions secret from your loved ones. You know how it goes...bring them into the home while lovey is at work, stashing them in the trunk, slipping them between newspapers.... Me? No such luck.

**phone rings

me: "Hello?"

mom: "hi"

me: "what's up?"

mom: *with disapproving tone* "Another package came for you today"

me: "oh thanks, I'll come get it soon."

mom: "you seem to be getting a lot of packages lately."

me: "I think it's my quilting bee fabric"

mom: "mmm hhmmm."

I won't take this dialogue any further because it usually ends in "Mom, I am a grown woman...." or something like that. So really this is my plea to West Michigan fabric shops: PLEASE start carrying Denyse Schmidt, Heather Ross and Japanese fabrics so that I can be a normal fabric addict. Please?

p.s. Mom, if you are reading probably was my quilting bee fabrics. :)


Terriaw said...

Love your new fabrics, especially the retro appliance print. I have missed sharing Sunday stash, just got lazy I guess. Dang, don't you hate it when your loved ones start questioning your mail like that! I was laughing at your recap because I have certainly heard that one before.

Audrie said...

I'm very thankful I have a husband who's completely oblivious to my fabric purchases. He doesn't even realise the piles are growing haha Perhaps you should look into a PO box? hehe

erica said...

Audrie, I have thought about a PO box. I might actually do it!

Angie from Dear Spring Green said...

Too funny! I have had the same "talk" with my Mom! I should have thought of the PO Box. That is a GREAT idea. Now if only anyone who walks into my craft room wouldn't notice that the fabric stash is growing. My in-laws commented last time they visited, "What are you going to do with ALL that fabric?" Part of me gets defensive, the other part of me squeals with glee at my collection!

Joanne Huffman said...

I sooo understand the quest for non-traditional fabrics.

Cyndi said...

Erica, I used to have the problem of hiding my fabric purchases from hubby. However, he's an artist (hobby) and rents a studio so now I just tell him that I don't spend as much on fabric as he does on rent, not to mention canvases, paint, etc. He NEVER mentions it anymore! LOL

I adore that fabric with the deer and rabbits...too cute!


Rebekah said...

I second the PO box idea!

Luckily I get home from work before Jon does, or else he would be really shocked to see what comes into our house :)

I also wish there were more nice fabric shops around. The best quilt shop in Michigan is up in Midland. It has a booth at the local quilt show each spring, so I like to stock up then

Mary said...

Ha ha ha, I can totally relate . . . I'm forever hoping the mail with come while my husband is out for the day. It's just easier if he doesn't see the boxes coming in! Here in Myrtle Beach we don't have any "modern" quilt shops, so I can't be a "normal" fabric addict either :-)

Stephanie said...

I know how you feel, our mail arrives late afternoon in our part of town, and I can usually get it before the hubby gets off work. Occassionally (seems like everytime there is a package of fabric) he gets home from work early and I hear "another package of fabric??" We need some better fabric shops here too! :)

cutfingerproductions said...

Sweet fabrics!! Uhhhh...All we have is Joann Fabric here...whew hewww...:)they are starting to get better prints but most I buy is on line. AND the quilting woman in town like all that dark woodsy stuff.. a bit embarrassed here...but jon and I both are obsessed with fabric. He rarely sews!! And Half the stuff I have is bought by him!!! No kidding!! Also my mom is a fabric freak!Hello Etsy!! My dad is oblivious..I never thought about ladies and explaining their purchases to their hubby's. That WOULD seriously be a problem!!! I say Keep having fun!! eerrr those candle snuffers.....xo
Get a PO box, Super idea!!

Christina Lane | The Sometimes Crafter said...

ROFL! That is too funny. You are too right, I sneak my packages in and put them away before anyone is the wiser. Isn't that what most wives/daughters do?? ;)

SarahD said...

You can always use my address. Then we would have to see each other once in a while!