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I have all the pieces cut for a baby quilt that I am sewing up for a friend. I LOVE, LOVE, Love the colors. I have been wanting to use the Alexander Henry 2D Zoo fabric on top and I think this project is the perfect fit. I have seen other quilts made with this print in blues and greens and I really like how all the browns that I am using makes the other colors pop. I can't wait to get to this one. Hopefully I will make lots of headway this weekend.

Also, I have finished my brother's quilt and am stoked about showing photos except I haven't mailed it to him yet, and his birthday is tomorrow. I am a lame sister. Well, kind of. I did, after all make him a quilt. I am not even sure he checks in at Craftyblossom, but to play it safe I will not share until he receives it!
~Happy Sewing


MichelleB said...

Your new baby quilt should be very cute! I need to get a baby quilt made, too. I can hardly wait to see the quilt for your brother.

Christina Lane | The Sometimes Crafter said...

I'm a lame sister, too. Two of my sisters birthday were last month, my brother is this month and i've done nothing for any of them yet. :)

ma zawi said...

great choice of fabrics!
its gonna be perfectly perfect!

Joanne Huffman said...

Lame sisters don't make quilts; tardy isn't lame - it extends the birthday celebration. I love the zoo pattern and look forward to seeing the baby quilt. This is a good week-end for sewing.


Terriaw said...

These ARE fun fabrics. Can't wait to see what you make. Your brother is lucky to get a quilt. I've never made any quilts for anyone in my family!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

great blog!
I can't reply to your here is what I used.
the fabrics I used are... 3687-8510-5, 3687-8510-6, and 3687-8506-5


Cheryl said...

Awesomeness. Look at all the great projects you have been doing lately. I'm so jealous! What lucky receivers of your gifts :)