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new pillow.

I stitched a new pillow to match another pillow I had made a while back. It was lonely on my couch, so i thought it needed a friend. They get along very well together. The whole couch is happy now.

Now, If only I were as happy. I am aware that when screen printing, colors and dyes take differently and it is rare that prints from different lots will be identical but I cannot believe the difference in the two below. They are NOTHING alike! In my opinion, both these swatches should look like the one on top. It is earthy and warm, the newer on the bottom is soooo limey that it clashes with the rest of Amy Butler's fabric. I thought it looked a little different at the fabric shop, but I thought that perhaps it was the funky lighting and maybe it would look right at home. Hmmmfff! not the case. I am sure that i will get over this and find way to use the off-cast fabric, but jeez! This is my favorite print, EVER!

Can you tell the difference??? Am I just being picky?


cutfingerproductions said...

Hey there! Yah, I can see a Bit of difference. I hate that! If I don't buy all of a fabric at once when I go back to get more they can be different. (If of a new batch)
I like the realness of the difference vs. verbatim.
I say mix the differences for your quilt.Noone will know but us!
Love the pillow too! :):)

erica said...

I am not sure that the photo does the difference justice. But maybe you are right....Thanks!

Erin said...

I can see it. :(

I hope you find a great use for the second one. It's a lovely fabric, just not the same as the first.

leslie said...

totally. and i've had the same problem with two other amy butler prints. i LOVED chrysanthemum and ordered 2 more yards of it online ony to have it be so much darker than the yardage i had fallen in love with. so disappointing...

Providence Handmade said...

I can totally tell the difference! Isn't that irritating? I have a few yards of Midwest Modern that I bought for a quilt back (to piece together) and they don't even come close to matching.

And thanks for visiting my blog - yours is great! I especially like the blue/green/linen quilt - gorgeous!