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rainbow baby quilt.

No rhyme, 

 no reason, 

just right. 


Katie said...

I adore this!

Kelly O. said...

this is gorgeous!!

wolleliese said...

I like your quilts very much!

Liebgruß Doreen

Roslyn said...

Just beautiful. The stripey binding is the perfect finish!

Cibo95 said...

awesome!!! like it :-)

Deborah Hamilton said...

It's just wonderful!

sonia said...

Amazing, as always.

Ajka said...

Wow, this is beautiful!

Joanne Huffman said...


Debbie said...

Love this!

Sarah said...

So fun!

Simply Sandy said...

It is just right! I love the backing and the binding.

keight dukes said...

so sorry if you get asked this often, but who makes your go-to striped binding fabric?

RenaissanceSandi said...

I am just starting to use solids for my quilting. This is such a cute baby quilt, I may have to try it. Hi, I am Sandi, and I will be a fellow blogger for the American Made Brand fabrics. Please stop by my blog, and follow if you like!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the bright colors you used in this one! (And I love when you use muted tones with one bright color, and pretty much everything else you do!)

Ania Ploch said...

I love it!

Unknown said...

I love it. Is it possible to purchase? If yes what are the dimensions?

Rebecca Markin-Newsome said...

Hello again. Pattern please. I think I am going to be doing triangles for a while. Let you a message for a previous quilt as well. Pattern and colors please.

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ALLAH memberkati kalian semua!
Terima kasih.

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